A powerful premiere

Olivia Lowson, Arts Council England

Exquisitely executed

Gabrielle James, A Younger Theatre

Intense and beautiful show

Curious Space, designers

Brighton Festival podcast

BBC Radio 3

In Tune - Thursday 9th May

BBC Radio 4

Woman’s Hour - Thursday 9th May

BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey

Thursday 2nd May

...and from one of our funders:

Many thanks for arranging for me to sit in on the rehearsal yesterday. I was able to see the growing piece at a very critical stage, and think it will provide something contemplative and special amidst a Festival programme of more boisterous and colourful activity! The presence of something far more intense and introspective (philosophical?) will be a great addition, and it will be good at this time of great national uncertainty (let alone individual uncertainty) that your piece will be a real chance for us to get back to essentials in our own thoughts - the next generation, the relationship between mother and child.

The jazz interludes gave a perfect commentary on the choral music and they provided a momentum to the drama and were a contrast, often dreamy and ethereal, reflecting the intimate exchanges of words between mother and child.

Something really private and experiential being conveyed on a public stage.